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Asking for special quotations

I have special requirements; may I ask for a personalized quote ?
Yes, of course;  Please feel free to get in touch with us by mail or phone.  We will provide you with a free quotation according to your very needs (technical support, accessories, address of delivery ...). Our fares are being updated frequently and our quotes are valid for 30 days.

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Time of delivery ?
When the confirmation of your order, you will be given an estimate delivery time.
Our carriers are well known and work quickly as well as efficiently.

How and where to deliver ?
When the confirmation of your order, you will be given your purchase delivery deadline.
The online items can be delivered nation and worldwide; delivery schedule may therefore vary from one country to another.
Upon delivery, we ask you to verify the confirmity of the products and if not, write down any exceptions or errors on the bill of lading, and send them back in their original wrapping and packaging to the expedition address mentioned on the bill. 
Without it, along with a certified letter with return receipt requested within 3 days after the delivery attempt, the delivery will be considered to be in compliance with your order.

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Customer service

How to proceed if I am not satisfied with a product ?
After delivery, if you are not entirely satisfied with our product, you have a 10 (ten) day period to send it back and within a 30 (thirty) day period, ask for a total refund, shipping costs not included.  However, this does not apply if you are a company.
We ask and require the item not to have been used at all; if it was the case, you would not get a refund, the product being sent back to you at your expense.

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How can I make a purchase from your webpage ?
Once your final order, it is easy and safe to buy following these simple steps below:
1. Finding exactly what you are looking for with many options provided for you to use: all our products are displayed clicking on the Article button.  You may alos look for a specific product using the By category or Search section.
2. Once you have chosen your article, you may then click on the Add to Cart button and it will automatically add on to your shopping list.
3. At this point, you may choose to continue your purchase or simply complete it.  If you wish to finalize it, please select the shipping methods and click on to place your order.
4. Select your payment and click on the button.
5. Please make sure your payment informations are correct; then click on 'I agree'.  If not, then click on 'To modify informations on billing'.
6. Your purchase is then finalized.  You may wish to print a pdf or html document of your order.  You will soon receive an email of confirmation.

May I choose my method of payment ?
Yes, when ready to place an order, you may choose from 3 methods of payment:
- by bank transfer: please get in touch with us in order for us to save your bank account informations;
- by check, made out to RBemballages.
Are fares with VAT ?
Yes, fares are with VAT.  In France, the VAT is of 20%. The total price adds the without VAT price up with VAT to get an order with a VAT price.

Are shipping costs included ?
No,  the prices of the products do not includ shipping that will be added. But if your order is more than 600€ shipping is offered.

May I go to your office and place an order ?
Yes of course, you may come to our office. is an online boutique but you can also pay us a visit and see our products for yourselves.  If you wish to, we can provide you with a guided tour of our plant where our polystyrene and polypropylene products are being made. We are located in the Pays de la Loire region. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by phone to get an appointment with one of our customer advisors to help you with your purchase.

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To place your final order, you may choose from 2 different methods of payment:
  • making a bank transfer (please get in touch with us in order for us to save your bank account information);
  • by check, made out to RB emballages. In that case, your order will be completed upon receiving your check.

Bank transfert
Making a transfert is the quickiest way for you to pay because your order is then completed.  Please make sure to also give us your bank account details.

You may buy online and pay by check; it is not the quickest way to proceed because you will have to send it by post mail and wait for us to receive it for your order to then be fulfilled.

Deferred payment
When you become a regular customer, we will set up a deferred payment at the end of the month. You will then not be asked to make a payment once you are registered online.

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