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Polystyrene: a bit of explanation

What is polystyrene?
Polystyrene is an industrial plastic material used in a wide range of different applications such as protective packaging, cushioning fragile items, manufacturing office items, etc... Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is used as thermal insulator. Expanded polystyrene is produced when styrene monomers interconnect introducing simultaneously hydrocarbons such as pentane.  The resulted polymer appears as beads whose diameters vary from 0.2 to 0.3 mm.  This takes place in a petro-chemical factory. Going from expandable polystyrene to expanded polystyrene is realised on production sites of manufacturers in 3 successive stages.

Pre expansion:
Inside a Stainless Steel tank and with water steam, polystyrene granules are expanded by free exposure to steam to form larger beads whose volume can be up to 30 times the volume of the raw beads prior to expansion. These pre-expandable beads have thus a honeycomb core made of 98% of air.

The stabilization or maturing stage:
Then these pre-expandable beads (prepuff) are usually fed to holding bins for several hours to stabilize.

Pre-expandable beads finally put in a closed mould are again in contact with water. They expand again (up to 50 times their previous volume). During moulding, the steam causes fusion of each bead to its neighbours, thus forming a homogeneous product. Since it is made out of 98% of air EPS is greatly used in the packaging industry in order to protect the products all along the logistic chain up to the end user consumer.

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Polystyrene cutting

une de nos machines de découpe numérique à fil chaudAs professional of Polystyrene (EPS), established in Nantes area with 2 shaping computer-controlled machines, we create and manufacture boats and trays for buffets and events such as weddings, baptisms, communions and birthdays.

To make your party a success and an unforgettable moment, enhance your appetizers, verrines, petits-fours charcuterie, cold meat, pastries ...

Cut polystyrene hearts, cut polystyrene clovers, bride and groom polystyrene cutouts ......

With a thorough and careful job we can manufacture the tray or display that will enhance your party.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Oval black polystyrene platters: only manufactured by EDP

Plateaux polystyrène noirs ovales 700 & 400 noirsEDP proposes a new range of black polystyrene platters, perfect to enhance your products. Seafood, fruits, sweets, flowers… will be enhanced in this new platter, only manufactured by EDP.

Click on this link to find more information about this product.

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Serbotel Fair, October 20-23, 2013, La Beaujoire, Nantes, France

We will be attending the Serbotel fair which welcomes 400 exhibitors and 31 600 people.
Our local retailers will be presenting our polypropylene shaped like boat plates.

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Ambalia Meeting

We will also be attending the Ambalia Meeting (ECE Group) which will take place at the Westotel/West-Event hotel, La Chapelle Sur Erdre, near Nantes, France, next June from the 6th to the 8th.
It is an ideal event for us to gather and meet with managers, salesmen, assistants and buyers of the ECE Group. 

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